Sung Hoon Best K-dramas To Binge Watch

Sung Hoon's acting and charismatic presence make these K-dramas enjoyable for fans of romantic comedies and dramas alike.

Whether you're looking for heartwarming stories or comedic moments, these dramas offer a variety of entertaining experiences.

Sung Hoon plays a successful artist in this romantic comedy. The drama follows the story of a talented art curator who leads a double life as a devoted fangirl.

Her Private Life

In this heartwarming drama, Sung Hoon portrays a celebrity trainer who helps a once-glamorous lawyer regain her health and confidence.

Oh My Venus

A remake of the classic K-drama, this series stars Sung Hoon as a wealthy businessman who enters into a contract relationship with a schoolteacher.

1% of Something

Sung Hoon makes a special cameo appearance in this hilarious ensemble comedy. The drama revolves around the struggles and misadventures of three friends.

Welcome to Waikiki

Sung Hoon takes on the role of a charismatic and wealthy CEO who reunites with his first love.

My Secret Romance

This drama features Sung Hoon as a successful and straightforward businessman who forms an unlikely partnership with a woman

A Business Proposal

Sung Hoon appears as a successful author who becomes a source of inspiration for the main characters.

Romance Is a Bonus Book

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