Best High School Romance K-Dramas To Watch On Netflix

This K-drama follows the story of a high school girl who discovers that she is a character in a comic book and tries to change her predetermined fate.

Extraordinary You

Set in the late 1990s, this nostalgic K-drama revolves around a group of high school friends and their love interests. 

Reply 1997

Based on a popular webtoon, True Beauty centers around a high school girl who uses makeup to hide her true appearance and gains popularity in her school.

True Beauty

Love Alarm follows the journey of a high school girl caught in a love triangle. The series delves into the complexities of modern relationships and the influence of technology.

Love Alarm

A supernatural romance unfolds when an angel accidentally becomes a human and attends a high school.

Hi! School – Love On

Set in a high school where students are divided into social hierarchies, the drama focuses on a group of misfit students who come together to form a cheerleading club

Cheer Up!

This mystery romance centers around a high school girl who suffers from memory loss and tries to uncover the truth about her identity

Who Are You: School 2015

Dream High follows the dreams and challenges of students aspiring to become successful singers and actors

Dream High

Nurse Files revolves around a school nurse who possesses the ability to see and fight against supernatural entities.

The School Nurse Files

This highly popular K-drama centers around the lives of wealthy high school students and the struggles they face in their privileged world.

The Heirs

K-Dramas That Deserve a Hollywood Adaptation