Taylor Swift Breakup Song For Each Zodiac Sign

You fall in love fast and move on from break-ups even faster.

Aries: "Getaway Car"

 You like to take things slow, but once you've fallen head over heels, you will do anything for the other person.

Taurus: "Maroon"

You don't settle down for just anyone – and you like to keep your options open.

Gemini: "All Too Well"

You're not the type to date casually; you like to go big in relationships and put your heart into everything you do.

Cancer: "Cornelia Street"

You like the chase – and will go to any lengths to win over whichever lucky person catches your eye.

Leo: "august"

You are an independent person who doesn’t need anyone else.

Virgo: "The Story Of Us"

It’s important for you to date someone who understands what a catch you are and showers you with affection

Libra: "I Wish You Would"

When choosing a partner, nothing is more important than whether or not you can trust their word.

Scorpio: "You're Not Sorry"

As a fire sign, you’re someone who follows your heart wherever it leads you.

Sagittarius: "I Almost Do"

As an earth sign, you like to move slowly and build things that can stand the test of time.

Capricorn: "the 1"

Aquarius needs wonder in life, so there must be something unique about the other person to catch your eye.

Aquarius: "Hits Different"

You go above to ensure the person you’re with feels cared for physically, mentally, spiritually, and romantically.

Pisces: "White Horse"

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