Tea You Should Drink According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries are known for their bold and energetic personalities, making black tea a perfect match.

Aries - Black Tea

Green tea calming and soothing properties match the relaxed nature of a Taurus.

Taurus - Green Tea

Geminis are versatile and adaptable, so herbal teas offer a wide range of options.

Gemini - Herbal Tea

Chamomile comforting and nurturing properties match a Cancer's caring personality.

Cancer - Chamomile Tea

Leos are bold and flamboyant, so the bold flavors and spices in chai tea are a great match.

Leo - Chai Tea

The refined and sophisticated nature of Earl Grey tea matches the practical Virgo personality.

Virgo - Earl Grey Tea

The delicate and balanced flavors of white tea align with a Libra's love for harmony and balance.

Libra - White Tea

Pu-erh tea's complex and intense flavors match a Scorpio's deep and mysterious personality.

Scorpio - Pu-erh Tea

Yerba Mate's energizing and adventurous properties match Sagittarius' love for new experiences.

Sagittarius - Yerba Mate Tea

Oolong tea's earthy and grounding qualities match a Capricorn's practical and goal-oriented nature.

Capricorn - Oolong Tea

The unique properties of butterfly pea flower tea match Aquarius' independent and creative spirit.

Aquarius - Flower Tea

Rooibos tea's gentle and calming qualities match a Pisces' empathetic and sensitive nature.

Pisces - Rooibos Tea