The Author You Should Read As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Yes, astrology can tell you which favorite authors you are associated with and which famous author's books you should read.

Here we have put together a list of 12 authors you should read according to your sun signs. 

Her work is passionate and bold, and she never holds back the truth. Hence, Maya Angelou is a fierce, unstoppable Aries.

Aries: Maya Angelou

Romantic, tenacious Charlotte Brontë, her books are full of stubbornness, which is pretty much all the best and worst of Taurans.

Taurus: Charlotte Brontë

Rushdie was an innovative Gemini; the author was famous for his wide-ranging novels and strong opinions.

Gemini: Salman Rushdie

Butler was born on June 22, 1947, making her a sensitive, beauty-seeking Cancer, as a true Cancerian, her words hit you right in the gut every time. 

Cancer: Octavia Butler

A Leo who refuses to bend, craving a stage; they are the best performers, and  Rowling best describes this big, bold personality.

Leo: J.K. Rowling

Virgo has a reputation for being order-obsessed and nit-picky, and Borges' is known for his mind-bending fantasy. 

Virgo: Jorge Luis Borges

Fitzgerald was pithy and fun, making him a charismatic Libra. The author likes to experiment with his wordplay and emotions.

Libra: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scorpios are intense, highly adept at turning an ugly, real-world hardship into transcendent pieces of fiction, and Atwood is no exception.

Scorpio: Margaret Atwood

Jane Austen is the consummate Sagittarius. Both romantic and wonderfully satirical, Austen has the Sagittarian knack for finding humor.

Sagittarius: Jane Austen

Hurston was a thoughtful, ambitious Capricorn, combining her anthropological research with her knowledge of folklore.

Capricorn: Zora Neale Hurston

People might call him eccentric, but Aquarians know that they're just literary pioneers; Toni Morrison explores the plots with justice themes.

Aquarius: Toni Morrison

Jack Kerouac was a poetic. He also has a lot of feelings, and certainly enough to ignite any Pisces' wanderlust.

Pisces: Jack Kerouac