The K-pop Song That Best Complements Each Zodiac Sign

Aries are courageous and adventurous, and "Bang Bang Bang" song is equally bold and boisterous.

Aries: Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang

The homebodies of the zodiac, Taurus, are stable and grounded, "Home" is the song that brings them comfort.

Taurus: Home by BTS

The competitive, charming Gemini is known to take risks, and "Russian Roulette" reflects their duality.

Gemini: Russian Roulette by Red Velvet

Cancerians are romantic and affectionate, so "Feel Special" K-pop song reflects their desire to love and be loved.

Cancer: Feel Special by Twice

Confident Leos enjoy being in the spotlight, the "I Am The Best" track is surely a nod to this zodiac’s reputation.

Leo: I Am The Best by 2NE1

The perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgos, like clarity, so the track reminisces their straightforward sensibilities is "BBIBBI."

Virgo: BBIBBI by IU

The "Really Really" k-pop song reflects how much Libras wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Libra: Really Really by Winner

Scorpios are known for their emotional intensity, and the "Love Shot" track reflects their passionate sensibilities.

Scorpio: Love Shot by EXO

Witty and adventurous Sagittarius is known to be the zodiac's optimist, and "GoGoBebe" song depicts their free-spirited nature.

Sagittarius: GoGoBebe by Mamamoo

Capricorns are hardworking and determined, "How You Like That?" song reflects their grit and no-nonsense attitude.

Capricorn: How You Like That? by BlackPink

Aquarius are the cool kids and the "Gangnam" song truly reflects their unintentional trendsetting trends.

Aquarius: Gangnam Style by PSY

Pisces’ are imaginative and romantic, "Fly Away With Me" is a perfect song for this daydream zodiac.

Pisces: Fly Away With Me by NCT 127