The Most Inspirational Thing About Each Zodiac Sign

 Your ingenuity is awe-inspiring. You don’t get enough credit for your clever and inventive sides, but they are wonderful to witness.

Aries: Your ingenuity

No one knows how you handle everything so well, but we know it’s partially your determination–and it’s something many can learn from.

Taurus: Your relentlessness

You find genuine joy in knowing as much as possible about a subject. 

Gemini: Your ever-present curiosity

While there are people who constantly refuse to follow your heart, you aren’t afraid to follow yours.

Cancer: Your transparency with your emotions

Especially to those who struggle to believe in themselves, your commitment to knowing your value has an impact on more than you know.

Leo: Your ability to shine in everything

Nothing really gets past you, Virgo–it’s pretty remarkable. You’re able to tell a lot about a person without a lot to go on, and you trust yourself enough to make decisions based on it.

Virgo: Your intuition

. Even in a person’s worst moments, you can see the silver lining.

Libra: Your ability to see the good in others

You’re more than just physically passionate–your emotions for people run deep.

Scorpio: Your unwavering passion

The fact that you’re able to take people’s minds off what’s worrying them, or point out the positive possibilities is encouraging.

Sagittarius: Your boundless enthusiasm

You are a consistent source of reliability and people know if they need someone to have their back, they can turn to you.

Capricorn: Your dependable support

You may call them out for being stupid at times, but you have a genuine passion for helping people step into a better version of themselves.

Aquarius: Your generous heart

You are able to see others’ points of view and believe that there is always more than meets the eye.

Pisces: Your perspective on the world