The Sweet  Royal Family Photos  Taken By  Kate Middleton

Kate is one of the most popular royals, but before that, she is a mother. And just like any regular parent, she loves taking adorable snaps of her family, especially her children.

Here we present some candid clicks of  the royal family taken by the  Princess of Wales. 

Kate took her step-mother-in-law's picture in the front of the gardens of Ray Mill House

2022- The Duchess of Cornwall

On Prince George's ninth birthday, the Prince and Princess of Wales released a new birthday portrait, the picture was captured by Kate .

2022-Prince George

In honor of Princess Charlotte's seventh birthday, Prince Williams & Kate Middleton shared a sweet portrait of her. 

2022- Princess Charlotte

Kate took this beautiful picture of Prince Williams in front of the Hindu Kush mountain range.

2019- Prince William

In 2021, after the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William shared a photograph of his grandfather and Prince George, which was taken by Kate.

2021- Prince Philip and Prince George

Kate, Princess of Wales shared a sweet family portrait ahead of Prince William’s birthday in 2020.

2020- Prince William with kids

Kate Middleton photographed Princess Charlotte, on her first day of nursery.

2018- Princess Charlotte

Celebrating fathers day in 2019, Kate captured a photo of her husband and his father.

2019- Prince William and Prince Charles

Such a sweet picture captured by Kate, Prince Charles cuddles his grandson Louis in a candid black and white photo.

2020- Prince Charles and Prince Louis

Kate took this adorable photograph and shared it to commemorate Louis's second birthday; his hands are covered in paint.

2020- Prince Louis