The Tallest K-pop Idol Female

Female K-pop idols have always been impressed with their talents, beauty, and powerful vocals. Here we have listed the top tallest female K-pop idols.

Lina ranks at the top of the tallest female K-pop idols; she got an incredible height of around 180 cm.

Lina (O21)

Another member of the O21 group, Weiyang, ranks second. Her height is around 179cm.

Weiyang (O21)

Kim Dakyung is popular by the stage name Dakyung; her height is approximately 175 cm.

Dakyung (PRISM)

Uchae is a rapper, visual, lead dancer, and vocalist; her approximate height is 174 cm. 

Uchae (Nature)

Aisha was in the spotlight at eleven; she has excellent style and an amazing height of around 174cm.

Aisha (Everglow)

The next tallest diva on the list is May, her height is around 174cm. 

May (Cherry Bullet)

Wonyoung has a cute face, with a great height of around 173 cm. 

Wonyoung (IVE)

This diva from Weki Meki has gained popularity with her impressive height of around 173 cm.

Kim Do Yeon (Weki Meki)

Sunshine, also considered the Maknae is a member of the Nature group; Her height is around 172 cm. 

Sunshine (Nature)

Nana is famous for her stage name and blessed with beautiful long legs; her height is 171 cm. 

Nana (After School)