The Worst Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign When They're In Love

A person zodiac sign can reveal all their characteristics, from knowing what they like the most to hate the most; astrology has all the answers. 

Today, we are getting to know what is the worst trait of each zodiac sign when they are in love.  

Confused? Hurt? Angry? Aries, being the “child” of the zodiac, their ego is easily bruised, which makes them difficult to see other perspectives at first.

Aries- Low: Volatile

Being the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus hate change, especially when they didn’t choose it. They are very unwelcoming at their first extinct only. 

Taurus- Low: Resistant

Gemini is always tempted to just “go with the flow.” This passivity is unhealthy, and obviously doesn’t work in serious relationships.

Gemini- Low: Passive

Cancerians only share their inner feelings with someone whom they trust most; even if you are close to them, they are still so internal and moody. 

Cancer- Low: Private

This zodiac sign, is ruled by the sun and often wants the world to revolve around them. Leos see themselves as the protagonist in their story, and this one trait makes them demanding.

Leo- Low: Selfishness

Virgo is not great at directness, which makes this earth sign often feel stuff down their issues for the sake of the relationship. 

Virgo- Low: Indirect

Libra are people pleasers, but they have to consider their own needs as well, which leads them to cancellations and changes in attitudes and flaky toward their partners. 

Libra- Low: Indecisive

When it comes to love, Scorpios want privacy to protect their energy. Their negative outlook can lead to suspicion, sadness, and distrust in relationships.

Scorpio-Low: Negative

Sagittarius appreciates and needs freedom, if one day they’re waxing poetic about love and marriage, the next day they are against any establishment.

Sagittarius-Low: Inconstant

 Capricorns value responsibility, and trustworthiness, sometimes, it can be tough meeting Capricorn's standards, because they are bossy, uptight.

Capricorn-Low: Strict

Aquarius like distance and keeping things theoretical, and in relationships this may lead to some issues, like being too rational.

Aquarius-Low: Unrealistic

Pisces lose themselves in a relationship, they become clingy, and these unhealthy tactics of them easily get their partner bored. 

Pisces-Low: Vulnerable