The Zodiac Signs and Their Spirit Animals

Ambitious, competitive, and always on the hunt for new adventures.

Aries - Falcon

Patient, determined, and hardworking, just like the beaver who builds his dam.

Taurus -  Beaver

Agile, social, and adaptable, just like the graceful deer.

Gemini -  Deer

Intuitive, sensitive, and protective, just like the crab who carries its home on its back.

Cancer - Crab

Confident, loyal, and fierce, just like the king of the jungle.

Leo - Lion

Detail-oriented, diligent, and hardworking, just like the busy bee.

Virgo - Bee

Diplomatic, peaceful, and harmonious, just like the dove of peace.

Libra -  Dove

Intense, mysterious, and transformative, just like the slithering snake shedding its skin.

Scorpio - Snake

Adventurous, free-spirited, and always on the move, just like the wild stallion.

Sagittarius - Horse

Disciplined, ambitious, and tenacious, just like the mountain goat who climbs to great heights.

Capricorn -  Goat

Visionary, wise, and independent, just like the nocturnal owl who sees in the dark.

Aquarius - Owl

Imaginative, and empathetic, just like the fish who swims in the depths of emotion.

Pisces - Fish

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