The Zodiac Signs Prefer External Beauty over a Kind Heart

Your zodiac sign says a lot about your personality, from when you will find love to whom you get attracted to or what you like in another person; astrology has the answers to all!

Here we are revealing those zodiac signs which favor physical attractiveness over compassion.

Scorpios are one of the water signs who choose external beauty over a kind heart; when it comes to settle down, they go with someone whose personality is physically more appealing. 


People born under this zodiac sign have a fairly high opinion of themselves; they are more attracted to partners who will raise their standing in society.


Geminis are impressed with someone who are more physically attracted than them. This cerebral sign prefers to be with a clever person over a humble heart. 


Aries never choose a partner based solely on personality traits; instead prefer to date attractive people. 


Virgos are more practical when it comes to dating, they prefer intelligent ones for casual dating and they will not support anything that makes them feel uncertain.


Aquarius is likely to be someone who shares their academic interests because they are intelligent themselves. Nothing less than them interested them; they always look for more.