This is The Ideal Sex Position Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This passionate and impulsive zodiac sign enjoys the most when it is a quickie with a twist.

Aries: Standing against the wall

if a position helps show Taurus their superiority, they will put it to use! Reverse cowgirl helps them feel that way.

Taurus: Reverse Cowgirl

Geminis love to see reactions, facial expressions, and even talking dirty while at it.

Gemini: Half arched back

If you are interested in anal sex, this is a good position for that too.

Cancer: Spooning

They should try the captain’s position where the receiver lies on their back and spreads their legs in the air.

Leo: Captain

It satisfies Virgo’s need to be a caring and thoughtful companion.

Virgo: Side Saddle

This position allows one partner lies on the back, and the other lies down

Libra: Missionary Variation

This zodiac sign loves to perform position 69 if their partner agrees with it.

Scorpio: Sixty-nine

With this position, a Sagittarian can fulfill their go-big fantasy.

Sagittarius: The X mark

Capricorns and their partners have fun, and pressure on the receiver’s back is not an issue.

Capricorn: Straddle on the sofa

The only catch here is that the giver has to be flexible enough to give access to the receiver for proper penetration.

Aquarius: The male chair

This super intimate and loving zodiac loves the 69 position with a more intimate twist

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