"This song is just beautiful. It really makes me think about things. You belong with me is just perfect. Her voice, screaming the words and still coming out so beautifully... Wow!"

You Belong with Me

"Love story is Taylor's best song... It's good enough to replace the top song. You belong with me..!"

Love Story

"This song is a mixture of old melody and rock type. It will touch your heart. Must listen it and then tell if it's bad or good."

I Knew You Were Trouble

"It's new and a pop song but, it's amazing. It still has the same feeling in her songs where it's like she's talking to you personally. "

Blank Space

"Is it a breakup song or a take-me-back tune?"

Back to December

"The perfect blend of Taylor's talents; her ability to make a beautiful and catchy song about such a universal emotion or feeling or experience."


"It's a song for all the fans who joins taylor in her enchanted journey in life. Mean is not all about accepting your imperfections but also accepting the bright side of you as an individual. Taylor"


"This should be the number one song of Taylor! I wish she could make this as one of the single of Speak Now album."


"The most beautiful song ever existed or ever created on this earth. And it will remain the best classical song till eternity."


"This song is a classic, absolutely beautiful, poignantly hovering in a melancholy, wistful sadness."

Teardrops on My Guitar

"An emotionally charged and quite intense song, right down to the lyrics and story it entails for sure."