10 Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idols

Jisoo from the Blackpink tops the list of most beautiful k-pop female idols. She is highly admired for her alluring beauty and stunning voice.

Jisoo [Blackpink]

The second beauty on the list is from TWICE group of K-pop, Tzuyu; she is a Taiwanese singer living in South Korea.

Tzuyu [TWICE]

Lisa, the diva from Blackpink, is a rapper, dancer, and Thai singer. Her beautiful face has won several hearts.

Lisa [Blackpink]

Nancy is an American-Korean singer, actress, host, and dancer. She stood 10th in “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces” by TC Candler. 

Nancy [Momoland]

Krystal stands in the fifth position from the group f(x). She is an amazing singer and a gorgeous actress.

Krystal [f(x)]

Sana is the sixth most beautiful female in k-pop idols. She is considered the most cheerful person, wearing a magnetic smile.

Sana [TWICE]

Eunbi is the next beauty from the IZONE group. She is also the leader of the group and a great backup dancer.

Eunbi [IZONE]

Irene from Red Velvet is a singer, rapper, and South Korean actress admired worldwide for her beauty and charm. 

Irene [Red Velvet]

IU is a successful actress, great songwriter, and vocalist who has mesmerized people with her persona and pretty face.


Cho Mi-Yeon is admired for her wonderful singing and dazzling beauty. She is the main vocalist of the (G)I-DLE and an actress.

MiYeon [(G)I-DLE]