Top 9 Thriller K-dRamas

Park Hae Young, now a police officer, connects via walkie-talkie with Detective Lee Jae Han in the past, solving murders.


Baek Hee Sung hides dark secrets from his wife, a detective investigating a close psychopath.

 Flower Of Evil

Three high school students resort to crime to fund their college education, facing unexpected dangers.


Jong Woo relocates to Seoul for a job and experiences mysterious occurrences while living in a cheap hostel.

Strangers From Hell

Cha Dal Gun and NIS agent Go Hae Ri join forces to uncover a government scandal after a plane crash.


In Joseon era, a deceased king's spirit returns, an illness spreads, and the crown prince faces a new threat.


Yoon Ji Woo infiltrates the police as a mole in the drug unit to investigate her father's disappearance.

My Name

Detective Park Kwang Ho time travels from 1986 to present-day Seoul, partnering with Kim Sun Jae to catch a serial killer and return.


Sang Mi and her family encounter a cult in Mujigun, and four young men strive to rescue her.

Save Me

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