Top Medical K-dramas That Won Our Hearts

This K-drama follows the story of a talented surgeon who becomes a defector and starts working at a prestigious hospital in South Korea.

Doctor Stranger

This heartwarming series revolves around a young autistic savant who aspires to become a pediatric surgeon.

Good Doctor

This drama features a military doctor who falls in love with a surgeon while on a peacekeeping mission.

Descendants of the Sun

This slice-of-life drama follows the lives of five doctors who have been friends since medical school.

Hospital Playlist

Set in a major hospital, this K-drama delves into the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors and hospital administrators.


This intense medical revenge thriller revolves around a talented doctor who seeks justice for his father's death by infiltrating a corrupt hospital.


The drama focuses on an anesthesiologist who possesses exceptional skills in pain management.

Doctor John

This romantic comedy tells the story of a divorced couple who unexpectedly reunite as interns at the same hospital.

Emergency Couple

This series revolves around a brilliant neurosurgeon who has a troubled past and strives to redeem herself.

The Doctors

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