10 Top-Rated Medical K-Dramas That Captivated Audiences

This drama follows the story of a brilliant North Korean doctor who escapes to South Korea and works in a prestigious hospital.

Doctor Stranger

A young autistic savant with exceptional medical skills becomes a pediatric resident.

Good Doctor

This heartwarming series revolves around five doctors who have been friends since medical school.

Hospital Playlist

The drama centers on a highly skilled and eccentric surgeon known as "Teacher Kim." He mentors young doctors and instills in them the true essence of being a doctor

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

Set in a fictional hospital, this drama delves into the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors and hospital executives.


When a massive earthquake strikes Seoul, medical professionals, including a trauma surgeon and an emergency rescue worker, must work together to save lives and cope with the disaster's aftermath.


While primarily a romance drama, "Heartstrings" also features the life of medical students, giving viewers a glimpse into the challenges and aspirations of aspiring medical professionals.


This drama follows a group of medical students who become friends and later work together as doctors in the same hospital

Golden Time

A man becomes a doctor to seek revenge against those responsible for his father's death due to medical malpractice.


The second season of "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" continues the story of the brilliant surgeon and his team, tackling new medical cases and exploring the complexities of the healthcare system.

Dr. Romantic 2

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