Beautiful Lehenga Captions For Instagram

It’s obvious that you can’t stick to all those fancy captions for traditional outfit posts. Then what should be your caption?

“Lehenga is so powerful. Whenever we Indian girls want compliments, we just don a lehenga, and all we need to do is simply walk into a room and hear wows and gasps!”

“Tomorrow, the lehenga will come off, and I’ll be back to my usual, nerdy self in an extra-large t-shirt and glasses. But until then, let me feel like a well-put-together, royal Indian princess!”

“A lehenga has the power to make even a dork like me look like a demure yet sexy rose!”

“Don’t mistake me for a demure damsel when I’m in this pretty lehenga. I’m a savage rebel no matter what I wear.”

“Keeping our Indian traditions alive… One lehenga at a time!”

“Wearing traditional clothes is a way of letting the world know who I am without having to say it.”

“I may not know how to make an aloo paratha, but I can certainly rock a lehenga like a pro!”

“This selfie is brought to you after rejecting 49 lehengas to choose this one, and 149 other selfies to choose this one. Please like it!”

“When in doubt, wear a lehenga!”