Unluckiest Month According To Your Zodiac Sign

When you're in your element, nothing in the world can stop you. So the slow, methodical energy of Virgo season always seems to put a stop to your plans in September.

Aries- September

August brings can be a bit overwhelming for their approach to a laid-back life. During this time, it's easy to feel rushed or overwhelmed

Taurus- August

The sentimental and emotional energy of March may feel more down and depressed than usual, so it's probably best to keep your social calendar a little lighter. 

Gemini- March

You are not the type to accept change with open arms, which is why October isn't your month.

Cancer- October

January puts a damper on your free-spirited style as it focuses on structure, routine building, and how to get through the whetstone.

Leo- January

December is a time when you tend to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

Virgo- December

As someone who likes to float above conflict, November makes you feel burdened and overwhelmed.

Libra- November

You try to build something that lasts, but you understand that it takes planning. You find it hard to feel like yourself during Aquarius season.

Scorpio- February

nstead of staying too long in one place, you'll want to take on any new adventure that interests you. So when May arrives, you tend to hide and wait for it to pass.

Sagittarius- May

So while the bold and ambitious energies of Aries season may inspire you to work harder, the relentless pace of April tends to wear you down.

Capricorn- April

You love the action-packed social calendar that summer brings, but July can be exhausting and overwhelming if you're not careful.

Aquarius- July

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, always looking for new horizons. The month of June to review your goals and find new ways to achieve success. 

Pisces- June