5 Ways To Impress  Your In-Laws In  First Meeting

Going to meet your in-laws for the first time? Have you got butterflies in the stomach yet? Following are the top 5 ways that will work wonders.

When meeting your future family, you should opt for a sophisticated yet toned-down and timeless fashion. Make sure your hair is slick, and you smell nice.

1. Dress to impress.

If you are meeting your in-laws over a meal at a restaurant, make it a point to be kind to the staff and talk to them courteously. But don’t put on a show, be genuine.

2. Be kind to the waiting staff.

Even if the guy’s good with you teasing him a little then and now, chances are the in-laws might not laugh with you until you’re all comfortable with each other.

3. Be nice to your future fiancé.

Bringing an indoor plant will do the trick if your father-in-law enjoys gardening. If your mother-in-law likes to cook, bringing her a recipe book to try new dishes is the best choice

4. Bring a small, thoughtful gift.

It’s completely fine to have a difference of opinion as long as you don’t get all fired up trying to convince everyone at the table that your way of thinking is right and they have it all wrong.

5. Don’t be scared to voice your opinion