Perfect Lehenga Colours Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This wedding season, choose the perfect lehenga colour based on your zodiac sign. 

Vivacious, sensual and vivid, red brings out the courage, grit and confidence in an Arian bride.

Aries: Red

A green lehenga is a perfect option for a Taurus, as it represents a new phase of her life filled with freshness and harmony.

Taurus: Green

Yellow is a lucky colour for a Gemini bride; the golden hues of this colour help them radiate splendidly.

Gemini: Yellow

Calming to the eyes, silver incites interest and desire but also a sense of mystery.

Cancer: Silver

A shimmering gold lehenga will empower a Leo bride’s warm heart and strengthen her positive spirit.

Leo: Gold

An embellished ivory lehenga is the perfect colour for a Virgo bride, who is adaptable and resourceful by nature

Virgo: Ivory

The pink colour help create an extremely likeable presence of a Libra bride’s personality, it invokes her sweet and loving nature. 

Libra: Pink

Scorpio brides are imaginative and expressive, and purple will act as the best colour to express their nature to the last detail. 

Scorpio: Purple

For a Sagittarius bride, orange is a colour that will trigger a sense of dynamism, stimulation and confidence to take on any challenge

Sagittarius: Orange

For the earthen Capricorn brides, the colour brown offers stability and a solid emotional state are all the ideal personality traits. 

Capricorn: Brown

Any shade of blue, be it turquoise, ultramarine or pastel, helps the Aquarian bride stay in a vibrant and tempered state of mind. 

Aquarius: Blue

The colour of life, pastel green, represents inspiration, encouraging a Pisces bride to embrace her vibrant lifeforce .

Pisces: Pastel Green