Wedding Trends To Rock In 2023

Here we have listed the wedding trends that are sure to rule in 2023 Like Never Before.

From lush gardens to seaside venues, plenty of unique and elegant destination weddings will happen in 2023.

Destination Weddings Are A Big Yes

Going OTT with decor is going to be a part of wedding trends in 2023.  Would you try it too?

OTT Decor Pieces

Many couples will opt for vast spaces, scenic landscapes and fresher air while celebrating joyous occasions.

Outdoor Wedding Setup

The trend of natural and candid pictures straight from the wedding rituals will set the trend.

Candid Couple Shots

One thing about flower decorations is that they can never go wrong! And in 2023, you will spot spectacular floral themes.

Floral Theme For Pre-Wedding

For the bride & groom haldi function, this gigantic metal bowl will play the main part

Urli Haldi Trend

There’s something so gorgeous about a bride with a veil! The bridal veil-shot will be a massive hit in 2023. 

Bridal Veil Shots

Brides are going to wear soft and dewy makeup looks to all their wedding ceremonies. 

Natural Makeup For Brides

Minimalist and classy, open-hair trend looks stunning and will surely rock in 2023. 

 Open Hair