What Michelle Obama Eats  in a Day

Michelle, the former First Lady, has been very active and accomplished a lot; after retiring from work, the wife of Barack, mom to Sasha and Malia, has written a memoir called "Becoming" and filmed a corresponding documentary.

She also co-created a media company called Higher Ground Productions and launched a new kids' cooking show on Netflix called Waffles + Mochi.

Despite her busy schedule and high-profile career, Michelle looks significantly younger than her age; she is very particular about eating healthy and staying active.

Michelle follows a diet high in protein, fruits, and vegetables to fuel her busy schedule and workouts, but she also keeps room for pizza. As she said, "the food that you put into your bodies can actually help you get better grades."

What Michelle Obama Eats in a Day

Michelle revealed to The New York Times that "she enjoys grits and waffles for her morning meal."

For Breakfast

Michelle told PEOPLE, "Choosing a healthy diet isn't about deprivation; it's about balance" for lunch, a high-protein pick with sautéed vegetables- is her favourite.

For Lunch

On Rachael Ray's talk show, Michelle shared her favorite munchings, a  handful of nuts or raw vegetables with hummus or a piece of fruit.


Michelle's dinner includes roasted chicken or seafood, often served with a baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli or peas.

For Dinner

When dining out with friends, Michelle to enjoy a glass of wine.

A Glass of Wine

She told Food Network, it's not what you eat; its also important with whom you are eating, "all of our major conversations in our family about rules and life, and ups and downs, happen at dinner. It happens at mealtime,"

Eating together is must