What to buy on Dhanteras According To Your zodiac Sign

Dhanteras is falling on October 23 this year; on this auspicious day, people tend to buy luxury items, mainly gold, silver, or other promising decorative materials on this day.

According to your zodiac sign, let's see what you should buy on this Dhanteras to bring prosperity.

Aries should invest in gold coins, silver, utensils, and diamond jewelry on Dhanteras, as it is a beneficial factor from a wealth point of view.


Taurus people should opt to buy gold, silver, diamonds, and bronze and can also purchase any utensils. Investing in these will prove to be auspicious and brings prosperity to their lives.


On Dhanteras, Geminis should purchase materials made up of gold, silver, and mainly Pukhra or other furniture items.


Cancerians can buy things in the name of their family members rather than for themselves. 


Leos should invest in vehicles, electronic gadgets, and utensils; anything that seeks profits, even land, houses, flats, Jewellery, gold, silver, and bronze.


People under this zodiac sign can purchase land, electronic items, and gadgets


For Librans, its good to wait for some time before they invest money or invest in gold and diamond for now.


Purchasing things of gold, silver, clothes, pottery items are very auspicious for Scorpio.


Sagittarius should take this festival to their advantage and can even invest in land, precious metals, diamonds, and stones.


Clothes and gold will serve a special meaning in their life during this time, and they need to buy these first.


Aquarius people should invest in various areas, from vehicles to electronic items, furniture, and beautiful decorative things, for your home on this auspicious day. 


Pisceans might need to buy or invest in gold, silver, precious metals, and stones.