This is where you should travel next according to your zodiac sign

Aries, the most energetic of souls which makes Bali the right choice for these wanderers.

Aries: A trip full of adventuresome  in Bali

Wine, fine dining, and lots of soothing time is what makes it a perfect destination for Taureans

Taurus: A luxurious escape in Italy

Goa is without a doubt the most suitable travel destination for this star sign, with picturesque shacks, breezy cocktails, and lively people.

Gemini: Socialising in Goa

The soothing sunsets, calming beaches, and the hospitality of the country are qualities that those with the star sign appreciate.

Cancer: Australia

Their love for art and appreciation for royalty makes Istanbul a destination worthy of their next travel escape.

Leo: Appreciating the exquisite culture in Istanbul

Keeping their standards in mind, the scenic and culturally rich Macchu Picchu, Peru is a great option, with plenty of scenic hikes. 

Virgo: Looking for perfection in Peru

Elegant evenings with glasses brimming with sparkling rosé, scenic ferry rides, and other cultural pleasures count as an ideal vacation for Libras.

Libra: A romantic escape in Greece

Scorpio, ranging from mysterious and deep to fearless and intense, which is why Los Angeles, California is by far the best destination to serve these wanderers.

Scorpio: An all-in-one trip to California

These all-time adventurers are always on the lookout for something extraordinary, and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh sure has the power to satisfy them.

Sagittarius: Trek your way into the Himalayas

From the historical locations and lively beer cafes to the walk-friendly streets, Prague is the perfect destination to lure Capricorns to.

Capricorn: An ideal escape in Prague

The mix of historical culture and modern technology here makes Seoul a suitable choice for these zodiacs.

Aquarius: A quirky and innovative peep into Seoul

Keeping their need for a passionate and romance in mind, what better way to spend summer than in the City of Love, Paris?

Pisces: Full of Romance – Paris!