Which K-pop Idol You Are As Per Your Zodiac Sign

With his energy and passion for dance, J-Hope embodies the fiery and confident Aries spirit.

Aries - J-Hope from BTS

Known for his love of food and luxury, V's grounded and sensual nature aligns with the Taurus zodiac sign.

Taurus - V from BTS

Suga's sharp wit and clever wordplay reflect the adaptable and intellectual nature of a Gemini.

Gemini - Suga from BTS

Wendy's emotional depth and powerful vocals resonate with the nurturing and sensitive Cancer zodiac sign.

Cancer - Wendy from Red Velvet

With her fierce confidence and commanding stage presence, Jennie is a true Leo icon.

Leo - Jennie from BLACKPINK

RM's analytical mind makes him a perfect fit for the practical and precise Virgo zodiac sign.

Virgo - RM from BTS

Jin's natural charm and harmonious presence embody the balanced and social nature of a Libra.

Libra - Jin from BTS

With her sultry voice and intense gaze, IU's artistry and passion capture the depth and intensity of a Scorpio.

Scorpio - IU

Jisoo's adventurous personality aligns with the optimistic and curious nature of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius - Jisoo from BLACKPINK

Known for hard work and dedication, Baekhyun's ambitious and nature reflects the determined Capricorn zodiac sign.

Capricorn - Baekhyun from EXO

With her bold personality, Hwasa embodies the unique and innovative spirit of an Aquarius.

Aquarius - Hwasa from Mamamoo

Jinyoung's dreamy and romantic lyrics, as well as sensitive personality, resonate with the imaginative nature of Pisces.

Pisces - Jinyoung from GOT7