Which Miley Cyrus Song Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Known as one of the most impatient zodiac signs, you fall in love incredibly fast; Miley's "See You Again, song depict instant gratification. 

Aries: See You Again

Geminis act unstable in relationships. In Miley's words: "Even when I can't stay, even when I run away, you love me the most."

Gemini: The Most

"I don't give up easily, but I don't think I'm down," sings Miley. Cancers are loyal and fight for their loved ones.

Cancer: Slide Away

Leos are a little bit vain, "Every guy, everywhere, just gives me mad attention, like I'm under inspection, I always get a ten, 'cause I'm built like that."

Leo: Can't Be Tamed

Virgos are pragmatic and honest in love, and in "7 Things", Miley lays down the facts in a very down-to-earth fashion.

Virgo: 7 Things

Miley sings: "when my world is falling apart, when there's no light to break up the dark, that's when I look at you," and Librans are all about finding balance.

Libra: When I Look At You

As one of the most emotional signs, when Scorpios fall in love, they fall in love hard - just like Miley in "Wrecking Ball".

Scorpio: Wrecking Ball

 "It's our party we can do what we want" is a verse that perfectly captures a typical Sagittarius on a night out.

Sagittarius: We Can't Stop

In "The Climb," Miley sings about the obstacles we face and reflects that the journey matters more than the goal,  a message Capricorns must hear.

Capricorn: The Climb

Miley opens "Mother's Daughter" with "Hallelujah, I'm a freak". Aquarians often feel like freaks and celebrate it. 

Aquarius: Mother's Daughter

"That's when I make the wish to swim away with the fish" - since Pisces means fish, this song is for the zodiac's slippery visionaries.

Pisces: Malibu