5 Most Popular Women’s Handbags of 2022

The types of bags people carry say a lot about their personalities. Handbags are essential details to complete your everyday appearance, mainly accessories.

The handbag trends from the 1990s and the early 2000s are also set to make a comeback as fashion continues to be obsessed with the styles and must-have accessories from those decades.

Shoulder Bags

This single-strapped bag style has a name reflecting how it’s used. Typically, it’s smaller than a shoulder bag. It fits comfortably and is comfortable to carry

Crossbody Bags

Clutch bags can be worn with dresses or gowns. It also fills the role of wallets or purses for some people and usually comes with an attachable shoulder strap.

Clutch Bags

It has enough room for your laptops and notepads. No matter the need, totes come in various colors and designs to suit individual tastes.

Tote Bags

The best suitable companion for minimalists is these types of bags. Wristlets often resemble clutch purses and can be worn similarly to them without a wrist strap.

Wristlet Bags