Worst Parent-Child Zodiac Combination

Parenting is challenging, and building a good relationship with kids requires patience and hard work. However, astrology cannot only depict your future but also reveal your relationship with your child. 

Here is a complete list of the parent-child zodiac pairs that are the least compatible. 

Aries are all about pushing oneself to reach the heights of success, while Cancerians often lack zeal and keenness, which creates a huge barrier; this parent-child zodiac pair seems to fight a lot. 

Aries and Cancer

Gemini and Taurus are opposite personalities; Geminis are great babblers, while Taurus are the biggest introverts, which result argues and fights. 

Gemini and Taurus

Leo are all about seeking attention, while Aquarians are fairly ignorant of people's opinions; this parent-child zodiac combination struggles to live under one roof. 

Leo and Aquarius

Virgos are all about perfection, and Librans are all about balance; this zodiac pair's traits, ideas and beliefs are opposite to each other.

Libra and Virgo

Capricorns and Sagittarians are opposite personalities; they see each other as reckless and impatient, hence often arguing and making it hard to live.

Capricorn and Sagittarius

Parents and children of Scorpio and Leo zodiac combination may struggle to find common ground, as they both share different views.

Scorpio and Leo

Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac pairs share the same thoughts, but the way of achieving them differs, which often leads to disputes and conflicts.

Pisces and Sagittarius