Zodiac Signs And Their Favorite Cocktail

Spicy, bold and adventurous, just like the Aries personality.

Aries: Margarita

Simple yet sophisticated, the Taurus enjoys the classic flavors of this timeless cocktail.

Taurus: Old Fashioned

With its versatile nature and endless possibilities, the Martini appeals to the curious and social Gemini.

Gemini: Martini

Comforting and indulgent, the creamy White Russian is the perfect drink for the emotional Cancer.

Cancer: White Russian

Flamboyant and attention-seeking, the Leo loves the tropical flavors and theatrical presentation of a Mai Tai.

Leo: Mai Tai

Clean and crisp, the Virgo appreciates the simplicity and refreshing nature of a well-made Gin and Tonic.

Virgo: Gin and Tonic

Stylish Libra is drawn to the sophisticated flavors and cosmopolitan vibe of this classic cocktail.

Libra: Cosmopolitan

Bold and intense, the Scorpio enjoys the spicy kick and mysterious allure of a Bloody Mary.

Scorpio: Bloody Mary

Adventurous and full of flavor, the Mojito embodies the free-spirited and optimistic nature of the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: Mojito

Timeless and refined, the Capricorn appreciates the sophisticated flavors of a well-made Manhattan.

Capricorn: Manhattan

Quirky and unconventional, the Aquarius is drawn to the fun and playful nature of this tropical cocktail.

Aquarius: Blue Hawaii

Sweet and dreamy, the Pisces loves the creamy, coconutty flavors and escapist vibe of a Pina Colada.

Pisces: Pina Colada

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