K-Pop Stars and Zodiac Signs: Which Idol Matches Your Personality

Bold and confident, Lisa's fierce and sassy persona resonates with the Aries' fiery spirit.

Aries: Lisa from BLACKPINK

Suga's calm and composed demeanor, combined with his creative genius, makes him a perfect fit for the grounded and artistic Taurus.

Taurus: Suga from BTS

Hwasa's versatility, quirky personality and dynamic stage presence are a perfect match for the curious and social Gemini.

Gemini: Hwasa from MAMAMOO

Baekhyun's emotional depth and soothing vocals resonate with the nurturing and sensitive nature of a Cancer.

Cancer: Baekhyun from EXO

With his larger-than-life persona and fashion-forward musical genius, G-Dragon personifies Leo's bold and attention-grabbing nature.

Leo: G-Dragon from BIGBANG

RM's analytical mind, attention to detail and intelligent lyrics appeal to the practical and intellectual Virgo.

Virgo: RM from BTS

With her elegant beauty, grace and charm, Irene embodies a Libra's sophisticated and harmonious nature.

Libra: Irene from Red Velvet

Jennie's enigmatic aura, combined with her unapologetic confidence, resonates with the intense and mysterious Scorpio.

Scorpio: Jennie from BLACKPINK

J-Hope's energetic personality and impressive dance skills embody the adventurous and enthusiastic nature of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: J-Hope from BTS

With his disciplined work ethic, refined stage presence and impressive dance skills, Kai embodies the ambitious and hardworking nature of a Capricorn.

Capricorn: Kai from EXO

IU's unique and unconventional style, musical talent, and humanitarian work appeal to the independent and innovative Aquarius.

Aquarius: IU

With his emotional depth, dreamy vocals and graceful dancing, Jimin embodies the sensitive and creative nature of a Pisces.

Pisces: Jimin from BTS