Zodiac Signs As Disney Princesses

 Just like the fiery ram, Merida is bold, independent, and unafraid to defy tradition.

Aries: Merida

Hardworking with a strong sense of responsibility, Tiana embodies the Taurus work ethic.

Taurus: Tiana

Both possess charming adaptability and a gift for navigating different worlds.

Gemini: Cinderella

Ariel's deep emotions and her willingness to take risks for love mirror the Cancerian sensitivity

Cancer: Ariel

Brave, confident, and with a strong sense of self, Moana shines like a true Leo

Leo: Moana

Snow White has a nurturing spirit, like Virgo, finds joy in caring for others.

Virgo: Snow White

Intelligent and seeking balance, Belle embodies the Libra's desire for justice and understanding.

Libra: Belle

Jasmine reflects the Scorpio desire for freedom, she proves that a princess can be both graceful and fierce.

Scorpio - Jasmine

Mulan's willingness to take on any obstacle and unwavering loyalty reflects Sagittarius's optimistic outlook on life.

Sagittarius - Mulan

Just like a Capricorn, Raya is ambitious, disciplined, and always striving to achieve her goals.

Capricorn - Raya

Elsa reflects the Aquarius's desire to break free from limitations and embrace individuality.

Aquarius - Elsa

 Aurora's innocent nature and her belief in fairy tales reflect the Pisces daydream imagination.

Pisces - Aurora

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