Zodiac Signs as Drake Songs 

Drake has hundreds of songs to his name, but have you ever wondered which songs best match your personality, according to your zodiac sign? Let's find out!

Aries natives are straightforward and energetic, and Drake's 2015 hit song "Energy" is a powerful track- where Drake channels his frustrations and anger, just like an Aries native.

Aries: Energy

Taureans are stable, loyal, and stay away from the drama at all times; in "Nice For What", Drake addresses a hard-working, woman who celebrates her female friendships and self-validation. 

Taurus: Nice For What

Geminis are talkative, clever, and playful, so, "Summer Games" is there song.  It's about Instagram drama he has going on with his sweetheart. 

Gemini: Summer Games

Cancers are emotional, intuitive, and moody, and Drake's "Hotline Bling" perfectly depicts that. Cancers are self-sacrificing and easily get disappointed if they find their girl cheating on them.

Cancer: Hotline Bling

Toosie Slide"  was an instant success. Drake is a Leo Rising; He compares himself to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson- the popular personality traits of Leo.

Leo: Toosie Slide

Virgos show affection by acts of service rather than big displays of emotion, in "Take Care", Drake teams up with Rihanna to deliver the perfect Virgo love song.

Virgo: Take Care

Libras are flirtatious, easy-going, and beautiful, and in "Hold On We're Going Home", Champagne Papi calls his love interest a good girl.

Libra: Hold On We're Going Home

Scorpios are a fixed sign; it takes them ages to get over their exes. Drake's "Time Flies" song is so on point because he is a Scorpio native himself.

Scorpio: Time Flies

"In My Feelings" is one of Drake's most upbeat songs. Just like "Toosie Slide", it's an easy-going tune that will make most Sagittariuses want to dance.

Sagittarius: In My Feelings

Capricorns are mature and responsible, and in "Nonstop", Drake talks about his success and channels some serious Capricorn energy, perfectly resonating with a Capricorn personality. 

Capricorn: Nonstop

Aquarius natives are individualistic and struggle with commitment. "Passionfruit" is a song about the difficulties of long-distance relationships.

Aquarius: Passionfruit

Pisces is romantic, mysterious, and empathetic, and "Not You Too" is one of the most emotional songs on Dark Lane Demo Tapes.

Pisces: Not You Too