Zodiac Signs As Iris Apfel Quotes

"'When the fun goes out of dressing, you might as well be dead.'"

Aries-  Keep The Peace

'Life is grey and dull, so you might as well have a little fun when you dress.'

Taurus- Current Mood TBH

'When you don't dress like everyone else then you don't have to think like everyone else.'

Gemini- Emotional Intellect Expert

'No amount of money can buy you style. It's just instinctive.'

Cancer- Take A Breather

'I don't dress to be stared at, I dress for myself.'

Leo-  Be Happy With Yourself

'Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself.'

Virgo- Learning From The Best

'Being well-dressed is a wonderful thing, but I don't think it should be life threatening.'

Libra- Acceptance Is Key

'Clothes are not frippery. Properly done, they can be an art form.'

Scorpio- All About Balance

“I’m not going to be a rebel and offend anybody, but I’m not going to live in somebody else’s image.”

Sagittarius- Bold and Beautiful

. “If you hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get anyway with anything.”

Capricorn- Keep On Climbing

“In my view you can’t go to the future if you haven’t come from the past.”

Aquarius- Just Here For A Good Time

“Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.”

Pieces- The Hard Worker

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