Zodiac Signs As Mythical Creatures

Each of the zodiac signs contains its own set of magical powers. Want to know which creatures are connected to your particular sign? Let's hear it from Astrology.

With mighty wings and the breath of fire, an Aries won't hesitate to go after their desires with fierce intensity. 

Aries: Dragon

Protecting the world with unmatched loyalty and spreading their healing powers, a Taurus derives dryad strength.

Taurus: Dryad

Gemini sees everything through the eyes of a fairy, they are mischievous, mystical, and love to add a sprinkle of their fairy dust to any situation.

Gemini: Fairy

Sensitive, moody, and transformative, Cancer howls as loudly and emotionally as a werewolf. 

Cancer: Werewolf

Half-human, half-lion, Leo ruled by the Sun possesses the regal strength of a sphinx. 

Leo: Sphinx

Ceaselessly and innocence bring purity to the world, and Virgo's likeness to the unicorn is undeniable.

Virgo: Unicorn

Transparent by nature and powered by delicate magic, a Libra embodies the heavenly aura of a sylph. 

Libra: Sylph

With a striking ability to face darkness and return even more powerfully, a Scorpio shines with the explosion of a phoenix. 

Scorpio: Phoenix

Sagittarius embodies the strength of humans and the natural world. Whatever they seek, they believe in gathering infinite knowledge.

Sagittarius: Centaur

Establishing status, wealth, and glory in their name, elves rule the world and so is the Capricorns. 

Capricorn: Elf

Aquarius, quiet grace an undine, they act as a messenger between the underwater world and the land world. 

Aquarius: Undine

Always yearning for more, Pisces is just as sensitive, emotional, and dreamy as a mermaid. 

Pisces: Mermaid