Zodiac Signs As Royal Family Members

Do you want to know which members of the Royal family your traits are more relevant to? Let's hear it through Astrology. 

Whether you are Princess Kate, Duchess Meghan, or Prince Harry, this listing on What royal family member you are based on your zodiac sign; find it all.

Prince Louis has Mercury, the planet of communication and exchange, in fiery, exhibitionist Aries.

ARIES: Prince Louis

Prince William has Venus, the planet of love and attachment, which is conjunct Chiron in the fixed Taurus sign.

TAURUS: Prince William

Highly communicative Gemini oversees information exchange, including viral media, and Queen’s beloved Corgis, Muick and Sandy are the symbols of Gemini.

GEMINI: Muick and Sandy

Cancer women are compassionate, and emotionally manipulative and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall is a mess of Cancer placements.

CANCER: Camilla Parker Bowles

Leo's know their angles, play the game and understand the power of PR and a good tailor, and Kate Middleton is a lady in red and Leo rising.

LEO: Kate Middleton

Virgo is famously critical and in relationship to Venus, and Sarah Ferguson has Venus in Virgo.

VIRGO: Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York

Meghan Markle’s moon is in the righteous sign of Libra, the art of balancing act in Markle who fearlessly pointed to and wanted free of the British monarchy.

LIBRA: Meghan Markle

The life of King Charles III has been defined by Scorpio themes of sex, death and other people’s money.

SCORPIO: King Charles

Prince Harry has a handful of placements in rabble-rousing, freedom-loving Sagittarius.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the energy here is “I endure” as the Queen certainly.

CAPRICORN: Queen Elizabeth

Princess Diana had her moon and Jupiter, planet of expansion, in Aquarius.

AQUARIUS: Princess Diana

Born February 19, Prince Andrew exhibits some of the darker features of the Pisces personality.

PISCES: Andrew Duke of Windsor