Zodiac Signs as Ed Sheeran Songs

Fire up your inner rockstar, Aries! This anthem's for your bold spirit and endless hustle.

Aries: "Sing"

Swoon with the sentimental Taurus. This ballad captures your devotion and love for the simple things.

Taurus: "Perfect"

Quirky and adaptable, Gemini, this catchy tune's your perfect dancefloor jam!

Gemini: "Shape of You"

Dive into your deep feels, Cancer. This song reflects your loyalty and those late-night dreams.

Cancer: "Thinking Out Loud"

Bask in your golden glow, Leo. This nostalgic tune celebrates your confidence and love for connection.

Leo: "Castle on the Hill"

Find beauty in the details, Virgo. This lighthearted song reflects your meticulous love.

Virgo: "Galway Girl"

Harmony's your jam, Libra. This soulful ballad reflects your desire for genuine connection and love.

Libra: "Give Me Love"

Dive into your hidden depths, Scorpio. This powerful anthem celebrates your loyalty and fierce support.

Scorpio: "The A Team"

Wanderlust's your middle name, Sagittarius. This folksy tune reflects your adventurous spirit and open mind.

Sagittarius: "Cold coffee"

Ambitious fire burns within, Capricorn. This brooding song captures your relentless drive and refusal to give up.

Capricorn: "I See Fire"

Uniqueness is your superpower, Aquarius. This song reflects your individuality and desire

Aquarius: "Take it back"

Float into your dreamy world, Pisces. This ethereal song captures your sensitivity and ability to see beyond the surface.

Pisces: "Dive"

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