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6 Ways CBD Can Transform Your Sex Life for Forever

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The pleasure and pain in human sexuality are very intense and complicated at the same time. Millions of people suffer from performance-related anxiety, stress, concern about self-images, and pressure to experience the orgasm. This finally puts an end to the sexual drive with a feeling of emptiness. CBD or Cannabidiol proves to be the pleasure enhancers for people who otherwise are encountering the painful side of the intimacy in their bedrooms. 

An introduction to CBD

CBD is a chemical compound found in Cannabis Sativa plants. It is non- psychoactive by nature, which means it doesn’t have a strong effect on the brain and ceases the feeling of being ‘high.’ 

From wellness to beauty, the infusion of this miracle material is present in day to day products proving itself being the trending ingredient of this century. The researchers conducted several studies in recent years for tapping the diverse benefits of CBD for therapeutic, medicinal, and recreational purposes.

Researches on CBD and SEX

Beyond all the known medical benefits, CBD can also positively affect one’s sex life. It provides a discreet and straightforward way to increase libido and enhances sensual pleasure. A survey by Remedy Review, a website for research and information related to CBD, shows 68% of people say CBD improves sex. It has increased sexual desires among the users, and overall provides them with a better experience due to the uplifted mood.

Further studies throw light on the fact that CBD stimulates a part of the brain, which plays a vital role in controlling sexual arousal. CBD directly affects the network of receptors that run throughout the human body. It controls and optimizes the essential functions of the body, including the immune system, memory, appetite, sleep, mood, pain sensations, and various body organs. This has a significant association with sexual arousal, better performance, sexual healing, and satisfaction.  

CBD products

With the legalization of CBD in various nations, it is now available in multiple forms on the market. One can find CBD infused edibles, gummies, tinctures, supplements, extract, gels, and oils, etc. Recently, CBD has found a way to the bedrooms with vapes and lubes as well. Market leaders are emerging with all these products under one roof to provide hassle-free access for the customers. Companies are meeting the expectations of the consumers by manufacturing products with superior quality and organically sourced CBD. There are no additives or harsh chemicals present in these products, and they come with laboratory reports assuring their purity.

6 ways CBD can transform your sex life forever

  1. CBD improves desires– According to self-report studies, cannabis could increase the desire for sex. The regular user sees CBD tincture as an aphrodisiac; that is, it possesses the properties to increase the craving for intimacy. You can take CBD in various forms, such as CBD-infused beverages, edibles, vaping, and smoking, etc. When applied topically, CBD increases the blood flow to the tissues with fresh oxygenated blood and thus boosts arousal and stimulation.
  1. CBD can decrease anxiety– Performance-related anxieties are quite common during sex. Stress can cause severe issues like sexual dysfunction with women, which causes tightening of the muscles of the vagina resulting in a painful experience and extreme emotional trauma. High-quality CBD from CBDfx can calm the nerves, reduces the feeling of self-consciousness, and helps to relax and enjoy the whole process of sexual activity. 
  1. CBD can relieve pain– Depression, stress, pelvic pain, muscle fatigue are some of the reasons for painful sex. There are various other conditions from which someone can experience pelvic pains. Pains have a strong association with the nervous system. The anti-inflammatory quality of CBD works as a magic potion by promoting relaxation and blood flow in the genitals. This eventually improves the lubrication, alleviates the pain, and sets a new pattern of pleasurable sexual experiences.
  1. CBD can strengthen sensation– Reaching the state of orgasm can become challenging sometimes. Physical, mental, and emotional factors can ruin the pleasure of togetherness. CBD comes as a boon for those who aren’t able to achieve the ultimate ecstasy. Studies pinpoint the fact that most women CBD users reported an increase in libido, decrease in pain, and an improvement in orgasm. On the other hand, men also found CBD to be beneficial for sex with a positive effect on their mood. 
  1. CBD can alleviate Erectile dysfunction– Erectile dysfunction is another common factor among men to mar the joy of fulfillment. It can have psychological consequences as it can lead to relationship distress and destruction of self-image. It’s a fact that people suffering from obesity have a higher risk of getting erectile dysfunction. CBD decreases sexual anxiety and provides more consistency. Prolonged use of CBD decreases the appetite, hence lower the body weight. It plays an essential role in maintaining BMI(body mass index), which supports healthy sexual function. Overall, CBD plays a significant role in alleviating erectile dysfunction and pain and enhances the satisfaction level between partners.
  1. CBD can enhance relaxation– CBD has proven itself to be the best natural relaxing alternative to any medications. When used in the bedroom, it helps to stay active, focussed, and positive. It creates a perfect mood for romance and helps in having intense arousal. CBD has an overwhelming effect on keeping one relaxed. It is also beneficial for improving sleep quality after sex. 


Like all CBD products, pills, vapes, or lubrication doesn’t work instantly. It is advisable to take them some time before going to the bedroom for that optimum pleasure. Although CBD is safe, it is crucial to keep in mind the potential side effects of the same. The side effects are generally the outcome of the amount one is consuming or applying. It is better to start low and then find a point of contentment.

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