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CBD Hemp Oil For Pets: The Top 8 Benefits

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Every pet owner wants the best for their pets. When it comes to their health, they are ready to cross any limitations. The experience of pet owners who try CBD hemp oil for pets, rising awareness, increasing research on CBD, and demand for natural supplements for pets are some of the key reasons behind the exponential growth of the CBD pet market.

In 2019, the CBD pet market was valued at 27.7 Million. In the next seven years, its compound annual growth rate is expected to be 40.3%. According to a survey, almost 24% of pet owners in the United States use CBD for personal or pet use. 

The industry of CBD pets is not yet highly regulated. The FDA recently passed some regulations and sent warning letters to some companies selling CBD-containing pet products and going against the FD&C act. But in Europe, CBD is considered legal. This acts as fuel for the CBD pet market in the region.

But why are pet owners approaching CBD? What is the reason behind its widespread popularity? Why is the market growing at such a high rate? The answer to all these questions lies in the advantages CBD oil provides to pets. You will learn the top benefits through this article.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Your Pet

Some of the top benefits of hemp oil for pets are:

  • Hemp Oil Lowers the Anxiety in pets

There are various studies conducted to see the results of anxiety in mankind and dogs. Like in human beings, CBD is used in multiple types of stress. Some of them are:

CBD Hemp Oil For Pets
  • CBD calms down a person who feels anxious before a stage performance.
  • Some people face anxiety because of their disorders. However, stress is sometimes seen in a healthy human too. CBD is helpful in both situations.
  • CBD is also helpful for post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorders.
  • In a study conducted on human beings, we observed that after taking CBD, human beings felt a change in the way their mind reacts to anxiety.

Almost similar research was conducted in 2014, but it was for CBD use in pets. The research reported that CBD contains antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. In 2015, a close analysis of some of the studies previously performed revealed that Plain Jane CBD is an efficient treatment of various kinds of anxiety.

So, if your pet becomes anxious from the loud noise of crackers, or when you go away from them for a short time, you can try CBD hemp oil for your pets.

  • CBD Help Your Pet Fight Cancer

Nothing is more painful than watching your beloved pet dealing with cancer without any sign of recovery. But CBD brings hope to such pet owners. Various research enlightened the anti-tumor effect of compounds present in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD being its fundamental component, gives the following benefits to pets:

  • It boosts the power of the killer cell. In the immunity system, the killer cell handles the responsibility of killing the cancer cells in the body. Thus, CBD combined with killer cells will result in more deaths of cancer cells.
  • It also increases the death of cancer cells by restricting their capability to produce energy and grow. 
  • The anti-tumor property reduces and stops the growth of glioma cells.

In addition to these, CBD also increases the efficiency of traditional cancer treatment. But before you try CBD hemp oil for your pet suffering from cancer, it is better to consult a vet.

  • CBD Hemp Oil is Beneficial in Seizure and Epilepsy

For human beings, only one medicine is allowed in the prescription that contains CBD. That is, Epidiolex, useful in particular types of epilepsy. However, CBD is also beneficial for pets with seizures and epilepsy. 

According to a survey, almost 5% of dogs go through seizures. However, certain drugs like Potassium Bromide and Phenobarbital are used to treat a seizure in pets ( especially dogs). But both these drugs come with side effects. For example, they might damage various organs like the liver. 

CBD has shown considerable effects on human beings who have epilepsy. Even 84% of children also observed a reduction in their seizures after consuming CBD. Similar results are expected on pets. 

  • CBD Help Your Pet Fight with Pain

If your pet is at old age, you might see them suffer from arthritis. In young pets, a wound can cause chronic or acute pain. But thanks to CBD, it can give some time for relaxation to your pet.

CBD Hemp Oil For Pets

Many dog owners shared their positive response towards the use of CBD in chronic pain and inflammation in their pets. Most CBD hemp oil contains GLA or Gamma-linolenic acid. A study published in the Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatism indicates that this acid present in hemp seed reduces arthritis symptoms by 25%. 

  • CBD Helps in Increasing the Appetite

If you face difficulty in feeding your pet every time, the possibilities are that they lack appetite. It happens because of various reasons like nausea or vomiting and chronic pain.

CBD helps to get relaxation from chronic pain, enhancing appetite. Also, various studies show that CBD helps with vomiting and nausea. Thus, their appetite increases. Even the National Cancer Institute considers CBD as a way to increase appetite. 

  • CBD is a Multi-Purpose Oil

A key benefit you get with CBD is flexibility. If you want to treat a particular area or joint in your pets, you can go for topical creams.

If you want to treat anxiety, cancer, and epilepsy, you can mix CBD hemp Oil with your favorite food. 

  • CBD Works as a Magic Potion For Skin

According to a vet from Wiggles, Dr. Sonal Rane says that CBD is beneficial for various skin problems in pets. For example, if your pet is losing mane or suffering from other skin-related diseases, CBD can soothe its skin and heal it.

  • CBD Boosts Immunity

There are various compounds present in hemp seed that boosts the immune system. Some of them are vitamin A, Phospholipids, and Vitamin E. A healthy immune system keeps your pet healthy and active.

So, these are the benefits CBD hemp oil provides to pets.


According to a CBD oil review, the endocannabinoid system of human beings is similar to that of mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds. Thus, the benefits of CBD are almost alike. So, wait no more and give a healthy life to your pets with CBD Hemp Oil.

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