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5 Reasons Why Period Sex Good For Health

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Don’t let the period stop your orgasms.

Have you ever wondered when we are on our periods why the excitement to get intimate is habitually high as compared to regular days?

Because during periods, the ratio of estrogen and progesterone — the hormones produced in the ovaries fluctuates the most. A woman’s body experiences a boost in estrogen, which leads to increase libido before a period, while the boost in progesterone leads to a lower sex drive.

By the time of ovulation, the estrogen levels go up, reaching the peak, that’s why a woman’s libido gets more intense during the period. It follows ovulation by increasing progesterone production, which may lead to a drop in your sex drive.

During menstruation and a few days after it, the concentration of both hormones is low, causing a decrease in sexual desire.

How making out on menstruation days affects health?

According to studies, intimacy during periods can help relieve those symptoms that make periods painful and obnoxious. A woman experiences better orgasms, and sex becomes pleasurable. The plus point is the blood itself works as a lubricant. So, if you haven’t given a shot to sex on menstruation, you must think of trying, it has so many health benefits. Here, check them out.

1. Period Sex gives relief from the cramps:

Cramps are the worst nightmare of every girl and taking a painkiller to cure those painful cramps, sometimes even makes the situation worse. Then comes the blissful orgasm – a round of intense foreplay that leads to smoky sex & can vanish those creepy periods of cramps in seconds. When you have an orgasm, your body releases oxytocin and dopamine that can ease any period-related pains.

2. Sex on periods improves sleep:

For most of us, it’s difficult to sleep during periods. On one side, cramps are killing us, and on the other hand, the leakage of sanitary napkins wreck the dream of peaceful sleep. Then sex comes to the rescue. According to Women’s Health Magazine, during menstruation time, the hormones of a woman’s body change. If she indulges in any sexual activity during menstruation days, it may make it easier for her to doze off. What are you thinking of, give your lady a peaceful sleep by wrapping her in your arms?

3. Period Sex shortened the duration of the period:

Wow! So, blissful. As per the research, when a woman intimates during menstruation, the muscle contractions associated with orgasm may help expel the period blood more quickly. This means, when you make out during periods, you may experience both a lighter flow and more pleasure.

4. Sex during periods works as a stress buster:

Periods, the word itself so stressful and heart-breaker that a woman turns wild in seconds. It’s normal to feel low and experience mood swings, especially if periods are excruciating. Therefore, making out during this time reduces stress and boosts the mood. If nothing else, it can take a woman’s mind off from stressors for some time.

5. Period sex strengthens the love-bond:

Yes! Sex does! Good sex works as a glue; it tightens the relationship bond in the time of stress. The couples who don’t put passion in the back seat for one week every month have good bonding as compared to couples who avoid making out during periods.

Take a note couples:

Don’t avoid making out during periods; it’s not nasty or repugnant. Having sex during menstruation is magical and romantic. A woman may experience more pleasure during period sex because it boosts her hormonal response and helps increase the natural lubrication, making things more comfortable.