Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You

What Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You?

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Love is such a pious feeling, isn’t it!

How will you react – when you come to know that your colleague or a familiar friend like you? Surely, You will be on cloud nine. Often colleagues are shy and not much expressive. Therefore here we have listed the few Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You.

Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You

1. He’s true Gentleman when He is around you

Though it’s curtsey to be humble and gentle with women, not all men follow this. The one who follows this is undoubtedly in love with you or has developed some feelings for you. The men who like you will always talk sweetly, especially in a public. He will never offend you and second your opinion. Man’s with such qualities are rare to find and you are lucky to find one for yourself.

2. He’s Protective for You

Another Signs A Colleague Show When They Are In Love with You is their protective nature. Remember last time when you got into a verbal spat with your colleague, and he came in between to mend the differences or asked the person to back out. Men are protective of ladies they like – they will go to any extent to protect them without showing them.

3. He is always with you

A man who genuinely loves you wishes to spend time with you. They will make all possible efforts, from helping you in a particular project to guiding you, just to remain with you.

However, if they ever find that you are not happy with their presence, they will leave no stone unturned to get away without letting you know. This is the sign of a true lover. A person who truly loves you will never force himself on you. So watch out his actions and try to read his mind.

4. He will go Out of His Way

A colleague who really likes you will find a way to make you happy. He will try his best to know the things that you like and dislike. For example, if you do not want your life-partner to smoke, they will try their best to quit smoking. Or, takes an extra effort to gift you something unique that you wished to from long but couldn’t find.

5. He will always be on your back

No matter how busy or occupied he is with his work, he will make sure that you are doing well, and in case you need any help, he will always be there for you.

6. He misses you when you aren’t around

This is the best way to find out whether your colleague likes you or not. Some men are extrovert and directly call the lady. Precisely ask the reason why they haven’t shown up?

Besides, the gentleman won’t let you know that he is missing you. They will ask a familiar friend or colleague to call you or might text you to ask- Is Everything Okay?

7. He Remembers Every Little Thing of yours

It so happens many times that you have to visit a doctor or your friend and you tend to forget it, but he does not forget it. He will remind you about the visit or ask the common friend to remind you.

He might not reciprocate the same, but his gestures are enough to know what he likes you.

8. He does not make a Direct Eye Contact with you

Many theories say if a man is not making direct eye contact, he secretly likes you.

Well, it depends on person to person, and each person behaves differently. A true gentleman will never gaze you up and down; he will respect your body language and does not look you in the wrong way. You can quickly sense whether the guy is gentle or not through his gestures.