How To Exercise Properly & Healthy

Impact Of Physical Activity On Sleep – How To Exercise Properly & Healthy

Survey studies have shown that regular physical activity is consistently associated with better sleep. Physical activity helps to relax the body, improve emotions, health, and sleep. Researchers have acknowledged that physical exercise is the daytime behavior significantly associated with better sleep quality and quantity.   According to some researchers, the relationship between sleep and exercise is reciprocal. For […]

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Watch your breath! – Longer Exhalation Exercise (Part 3 of Breathing series)

This is the 3rd of our series on breathing, after watching the breath and equal breathing. Since the last few years, there have been some words prominently doing the rounds – mindfulness, transcendental, etc. Probably they are words to make simple practices sound more interesting, including repackaging ancient Indian practices, among others to appeal to a larger group. […]

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