10 Best Heart-Fluttering Office Romance K-Drama

A confident and self-absorbed CEO, Lee Young-joon, faces a crisis when his highly efficient secretary, Kim Mi-so, decides to quit.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Cha Eun-ho, a successful writer and publishing company's youngest editor-in-chief, reunites with his childhood friend Kang Dan-yi, who is trying to restart her career.

Romance Is a Bonus Book

After a top actress's career takes a hit, she takes on a secretary job at a law firm to gain insight into her next role.

Touch Your Heart

An art curator, leads a double life as a devoted fangirl of a pop idol. When her new boss, Ryan Gold, discovers her secret, they become entangled in a delightful love story

Her Private Life

A strict CEO finds herself entangled in a contract marriage with her easygoing employee. As they navigate the complexities of their fake relationship, genuine feelings begin.

Business Proposal

Childhood friends Hye-jin and Sung-joon reunite after years apart, but Hye-jin's appearance has changed drastically.

She Was Pretty

A young woman with a passion for coding finds herself torn between two potential love interests from different backgrounds.


A cold boss with face blindness mistakes his loyal secretary for someone else. As they spend more time together, their relationship evolves into a heartwarming romance.

The Secret Life Of My Secretary

A woman with superhuman strength, dreams of creating her own video game. She becomes a bodyguard to a CEO, and amidst their action-packed adventures, love blossoms.

Strong Woman Do BongSoon

A prosecutor and a budding lawyer's paths cross after a fateful encounter. As they work together to solve cases, they also navigate love, trust, and past traumas

Suspicious Partner

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