Best Romantic Historical K-Dramas To Watch

Set in the Joseon era, this captivating drama follows the love story of a crown prince and a noblewoman who was once a shaman.

The Moon Embracing The Sun

Based on the life of the infamous Joseon royal concubine Jang Ok-jung, this drama portrays her journey from a talented seamstress to a powerful figure in the court.

Jang OkJung, Living by Love

A tale of friendship, the story revolves around two best friends who become warriors and face challenges together, including their feelings for the same woman.

Warrior Baek DongSoo

In the ancient kingdom of Silla, an elite group of young men known as Hwarang train to become outstanding warriors and leaders. Amidst their trials and camaraderie.


Modern-day woman Go Ha-jin gets transported back in time to the Goryeo dynasty and inhabits the body of Hae Soo.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

A historical epic that follows the journey of a Goryeo-born woman who rises to become the powerful Empress Ki of the Yuan dynasty. Love, ambition, and political intrigue

Empress Ki

In this Joseon-era drama, the Crown Prince dons a mask to hide his identity while uncovering corruption within the ruling class.

The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

To uncover the truth about his family's past, a young man disguises himself as a woman and enters a village full of widows.

The Tale of Nokdu

Set during the Joseon era, this drama revolves around a skilled gambler who accidentally kidnaps a noblewoman while participating in the traditional practice of "bossam" (a remarriage custom).

Bossam: Steal the Fate

In this historical comedy-drama, a secret royal inspector, his loyal servant, and a smart female inspector work together to root out corruption

Royal Secret Agent

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