10 Best Medical K-Dramas To Binge Watch

A renowned surgeon goes into hiding after a tragic accident. He is eventually lured out of retirement to work at a small rural hospital.

Dr. Romantic

A group of doctors and nurses at a hospital start a poetry club as a way to cope with the stress of their jobs.

A Poem a Day

A group of five doctors who are best friends since medical school reunite at a hospital. They work together to save lives and deal with personal challenges.

Hospital Playlist

A young autistic savant with a photographic memory is able to become a doctor after overcoming the prejudice of his colleagues

Good Doctor

A special forces officer and a doctor fall in love while working together on a humanitarian mission in a war-torn country.

Descendants of the Sun

A doctor who works as a mercenary for the rich and powerful uses his skills to save lives, while also trying to find a cure for his own terminal illness.

Yong Pal

A psychiatrist and a writer with a mental illness fall in love and help each other to heal.

It's Okay, That's Love

A top anesthesiologist with a mysterious past works with a resident to diagnose patients and find the root cause of their pain.

Doctor John

A team of doctors and nurses work on a hospital ship that travels to remote islands to provide medical care to those in need.

Hospital Ship

A new director is appointed to a hospital, where he clashes with the old guard over how to run the institution


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