10 K-Dramas That Remind Us About First Love

A heartwarming series about a group of friends who experience the joys and challenges of first love and friendship as they navigate their early adulthood.

My First First Love

Centered around a weightlifter's journey, this drama captures the youthful romance and personal growth that come with first love.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

A 39-year-old woman gets a chance to relive her college years and rekindles her dreams, friendships, and perhaps even her first love.

Twenty Again

Childhood friends meet again, but their changed appearances lead to humorous situations as they navigate their emotions and uncover their past connections.

She Was Pretty

Set in the summer of 1983, this drama beautifully portrays the nostalgic and heartfelt experiences of first love among a group of friends.

Our Beloved Summer

This drama depicts the awkward and endearing journey of a high school girl's first love with the most popular boy in school.

Playful Kiss

This historical drama tells the story of a young prince and a cross-dressing eunuch who form a deep bond, leading to a heartwarming first love.

Love in the Moonlight

This drama explores the journey of a young woman who undergoes plastic surgery and enters college with a new appearance.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

This drama revolves around the lives of wealthy high school students, focusing on the intense and passionate first love between a chaebol heir and a girl from a humble background.


A determined young man starts his own business and finds love as he challenges societal norms, making this drama a tale of entrepreneurship and first love.

Itaewon Class

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