Bae Suzy's Must-Watch K-Dramas

Bae Suzy teams up with Lee Jong Suk in this fantasy romance where she plays a woman with the ability to foresee accidents in her dreams

While You Were Sleeping

Suzy takes on the role of a National Intelligence Service agent in this action-packed drama, partnering with Lee Seung Gi to uncover a web of political intrigue


Bae Suzy portrays a young entrepreneur with big dreams, navigating the challenges of the tech industry while building relationships and chasing success.


Suzy stars alongside Lee Jong Suk in this heartwarming drama where their characters' lives become intertwined due to their prophetic dreams

While You Were Dreaming

Suzy makes a special appearance in this romantic drama as a top actress, contributing to the storyline of an alien who has lived on Earth for centuries

My Love from the Star

Bae Suzy's early acting prowess in this historical fantasy drama where she plays a kind-hearted martial arts instructor in a tale of love,

Gu Family Book

Explore the whimsical side of Bae Suzy as she plays a teenage girl who switches bodies with a charismatic teacher


Suzy portrays the younger version of the female lead, contributing to a touching narrative about first love, memories, and the passage of time.

Architecture 101

Suzy portrays Jin Chae Sun, a real-life historical figure, that explores the challenges and determination of a young woman

The Sound of a Flower

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