Bae Suzy Highest Rated K-Dramas To Watch

Bae Suzy, also known mononymously as Suzy, is a South Korean actress, singer, and model. She gained popularity as a member of the girl group Miss A, and here we have listed the best K-dramas of her to watch. 

This action-packed thriller follows the story of a stuntman who uncovers a massive conspiracy surrounding a mysterious plane crash.


This drama tells the story of a woman who starts with a lie that takes over and, eventually, she starts living under a fake identity.


Set in the world of start-ups and technology, this drama revolves around the dreams and challenges of young entrepreneurs.


In this fantasy romance drama, Bae Suzy portrays a woman who has the ability to foresee future events through her dreams.

While You Were Sleeping

This historical-fantasy series tells the story of a half-human, half-mythical creature searching for a legendary book that can turn him into a human

Gu Family Book

Set in a performing arts high school, this musical drama follows the dreams and struggles of students aiming to become K-pop idols.

Dream High

This romantic-comedy drama centers around a high school student who undergoes a supernatural body switch with a 30-year-old doctor.


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