Bae Suzy Highly Recommend Korean Dramas 

A drama about a group of young entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own businesses.


A psychological thriller miniseries about a woman who lives a double life under a stolen identity.


An action thriller about a stuntman who seeks revenge after his nephew dies in a plane crash


A disaster flick about a volcanic eruption that devastates the Korean Peninsula.


A lighthearted and fun musical drama about teenagers chasing their dreams in the competitive world of K-pop.

Dream High

A fantasy rom-com with a body-swap twist, where a high school student and a 30-year-old doctor magically switch bodies.


A fantasy romance drama where Bae Suzy plays a woman who can foresee unfortunate events in her dreams.

While You Were Sleeping

A melodrama with a complicated past, where a top actress and a documentary director reconnect, facing unresolved feelings

Uncontrollably Fond

A slice-of-life drama about a woman who quits her job and travels to Guam to find herself,rediscovering her passions and purpose.


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